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Gordon Ramsay and Bitcoin – Stop the nonsense! [the truth]

We expose all the hoaxes and lies about Gordon Ramsay being involved in bitcoin investing and promotion.There are a lot of articles and ads on social media about how Gordon Ramsay made a fortune thanks to bitcoin and various bitcoin trading systems. But what is the truth? Did Gordon Ramsay invest in bitcoin?Articles talking about Gordon Ramsay’s investment in bitcoin are fake. They claim that the celebrity chef is making millions thanks to bitcoin, but it is not true, it is a hoax.The same applies to the articles about Ramsay buying a new car, a Ferrari thanks to his bitcoin investment, it is a hoax.We made a research about Ramsay investing in bitcoin and one thing is clear, he has never publicly associated himself with bitcoin investing in any way. If he bought some bitcoins, which we consider not very probable, he has never talked publicly about it.In fact, The Guradian has confirmed that investment schemes connecting bitcoin to Gordon Ramsay are scams.Does Gordon Ramsay use bitcoin?…

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